What is the Value of Writing for the Web?
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What is the Value of Writing for the Web?

What is the value of writing for the web? Here are ten reasons...

Writing for the web helps increase the usability of the internet to people, i.e., if the articles written are of good quality. In this age of information, finding the correct information you want in the internet can make your life better. In other words, the information gained, assuming that it is true, empowers the person who yearns for such information for his specific purpose. At times, the information obtained could even be life-saving. Ideas from online writers can make life convenient to everyone.

The benefits obtained from articles written and published in the internet could not be possible without those people who for a variety of reasons write for the web and publish articles online. Many of these writers are not acknowledged for the painstaking work they did. Their original works are even copied without citations, while some works are modified using software applications that create unique but gibberish material.

What are the things that motivate online writers to write for the web? This author gathered the expressed and implied reasons of online writers as well as his own in writing for the web; for readers looking for information on various topics, from household repair concerns to global issues like climate change.

Writing for the Web: 10 Reasons

Here is a list of ten reasons behind writing for the web, not arranged according to priority, because each online writer emphasizes one reason more than the other:

1. Writing for the web to earn passive income.

Earning passive income is quite possible when you write for the web. To earn effectively, however, requires diligence in writing not only many, but quality, articles that adhere to some search engine optimization (SEO) strategy.

2. Writing for the web to make a living.

A good knowledge of SEO is especially crucial to online writers who solely depend on the income they generate in writing for the web. To live off decently from one’s articles, hundreds (better thousands if you can) of quality articles must be written for the web as each article can earn only a few cents in a month. It is possible, however, to have high paying articles (see Hot Topic Article that Earns $10 a Month).

3. Writing for the web for professional development.

A good list of articles focused into one’s field of specialization is useful in advancing one’s career. One’s writing performance and expertise in a certain field is demonstrated through a portfolio of articles published online.

4. Writing for the web to make available useful reference materials.

Articles that are highly informative, such as How to Write a Thesis which is aimed to cater to the thesis writing needs of college and graduate students, are useful not only for the intended audience but also to the writer as reference material to consult whenever needed. Access is also easy as these articles are published online.

5. Enjoy writing for the web as a hobby.

Many writers enjoy writing for the web as their hobby to spend their leisure or unproductive time.

6. Plain enjoyment of writing for the web.

Still other online writers enjoy writing for the web just for the sake of writing. These are the true writers who expect nothing but the simple satisfaction derived from writing. These writers, however, can write highly valuable articles as their works reveal their passion.

7. Writing for the web to share skills and expertise.

Some writers write for the web just for the simple reason of sharing their skills and expertise to friends, family, and people who need to troubleshoot things themselves. These are helpful articles that can help families save money.

8. Writing for the web to air grievances.

There are many things beyond one’s control that can frustrate people and make them helpless. Writing is a venue to express those sentiments.

9. Writing for the web to share news.

Relaying news is an inherent tendency among people. People love to gossip.

10. Writing for the web to test their skills in SEO.

Closely related to earning substantial income online, some writers test their skills in search engine optimization (SEO)-based writing. They need to keep up with information on how articles get good ranks in search engines. Each search engine has its own unique combination of rules for optimization, and these rules always change. Search engines are designed to fish out only those relevant, quality articles that will serve the needs of internet users. This means that it is always good policy to write quality articles that provide useful and truthful information.

There may be other reasons behind writing for the web. For this author, great satisfaction is derived from seeing people appreciate his work as indicated by more than 99,000 views of his articles in Factoidz at this time of writing. It will be a nice New Year present to reach 100,000 views at the end of the month. And he believes it’s possible.

©Patrick A. Regoniel 30 December 2010 What is the Value of Writing for the Web

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Comments (5)

I think I do it for passive income but also for socialization.

I believe those page views are possible too. :) Susan's answer also has my support. Even though it's not huge amounts the income still helps. For me, one of the most fun aspects of web writing is getting to meet people that I'd never come across otherwise.

Thanks Susan and Gayle. Yes, socialization is an important reason that I missed.

Another powerful write Patrick, thank you.

This article will help me a lot.