Women Standing Up For Equal Pay: The Betty Dukes Case
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Women Standing Up For Equal Pay: The Betty Dukes Case

Women are about 45 years away from reaching equal pay for equal work. Many women are standing up to bring this issue back to the Supreme Court

Throughout this women's issues series we have seen how women have stood up and made political changes that make lives of ordinary citizens better.

Workplace discrimination is still going on in America. Today we have unions which we did not have a hundred years ago, but there are still companies that are either too small or refuse to allow a union.

Even the biggest companies like America's largest retail employer – Walmart has allegedly discriminated against women.

Betty Dukes and her co-workers brought claims about sexual discrimination at Walmart to the forefront. These women had to listen to managerial comments such as, ““If you would wear lower cut shirts, you would probably get more pay” and ““You don’t have the right equipment…you aren’t male, so you can’t expect to be paid the same.”

The Betty Dukes case will now be heard in the Supreme court on March 29.The women are asking for equal pay and an end to discrimination against women and moms. Women are rallying together to form a class action suit against Walmart in hopes of strengthening their case.

Dr. Richard Drogin, a plaintiffs’ expert in the Wal-Mart case reports that the women workers are concentrated in the lowest paying jobs, receive lower pays than their male counterparts even in those jobs, and even senior women employees are often passed over for promotions.

Archaic believes still prevail among some of the managers at Walmart. Here are a few comments from female employees concerning this issue submitted by Ruth, of Morningstar.org:

“Women will never make as much money as men…God made Adam first, and so women would always be second to men.”

“Men are here to make a career and women aren’t. Retail is for housewives who just need to earn extra money.”

Though this story of alleged discrimination at Walmart goes back ten years. It is still going on today in many companies. According to reports put out by the US Census Board, on the whole, women make 23 cents less for every dollar their male co-workers make. When you do the calculation that amounts to roughly $11,000 in lost earnings. It is even worse for Black and Hispanic women who make about 62 cents for every dollar their male co-workers make. At this rate of pay advancements for women, it will take another 45 years before women will reach pay parity with men.

Pay equality is a women's issue but it is also a family issue. Gone are the days when the man was the sole breadwinner in his household. Families are relying more and more upon a two income family. Times are hard and many men have lost their jobs; while the women must go out to work to pay the bills. The archaic ideas held onto by some of the older managers where a women is taking the place of a man with a family just does not stand up to reason anymore. Women do the same work and they deserve the same pay regardless of their marital status.

We salute the women of Walmart who are courageous enough to stand up for their rights.




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Comments (8)

very interesting and informative....thanks for sharing

Lorena, managers do not decide the wages, the company do. Women do work hard and the ones that advance have worked even harder than most, many tend to impose the same work ethic they have on other workers. My cousin advanced from a cashier to a manager, she worked her butt off, and she expects all employees to work hard, but she is fair as well.

Excellent story. I am sorry I don't have any votes left, but I am going to Tweet this for you.

Thanks Rae, I prefer tweets and facebook better, it gives us more publicity

Lorena that is not true across the board, my sister works for walmart, she submitted her evaluation reports on all the employees as part of her job, after that she found out when they found out what their raises would be.

Excellent article about women's rights for equality in the society, Carol. I recall the film "A League of Their Own" where women played baseball in WW II with Geena Davis on the lead role. It would also be fitting to note how women built fighter planes in the US during that period considering most men were sent to battle.

deep blue I have covered all the war time accomplishments of women already in previous articles, this women series has over 100 articles so far and constantly growing

Discrimination toward women is alive and well in all work places. My daughter works with it everyday in her "big company" position with predominently men there. Thank you for this awareness and well done too.