The Solution To World Poverty
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The Solution To World Poverty

The world is apparently still undergoing some sort of world financial crisis, but for most people, this isn't a new thing, as they are constantly in financial crisis every day of their lives. For the other one percent, nothing has changed at all, in fact they may even be richer than before.

The solution to world poverty is not as hard to work out as some people think it is. It seems like a big deal, like something you wish for in a beauty pagent, but it is not the same thing as world peace, and is quite easily acheivable, given a strong enough will to make it happen. 

There are approximately seven billion people in the world, and most of the world's money and resources are controlled by the lucky one percent who are mostly large business owners or shareholders in major corporations.

The people who control the world's natural resources and the means of turning them into consumer products control the world, even more so than the government of a particular country.

This puts the other 99% of the world in one of three categories. Those who are part of the corporations as a worker, those who exist in the same countries as the corporations, and those who were unlucky enough to be born completely out of the loop. 

The question is, who really owns the world's natural resources? Is it those who were born with the money to build mines, or is everyone an equal shareholder in the earth? 

Is there enough money, food, water, and building materials to go around, or is it a fact of life that some people have to be poor? While overpopulation is an issue, the truth is that there is enough food and water to go around. 

While the western world was having a "financial crisis", the third world countries were having a food and water crisis. Dying a horrible death while large stockpiles of food went bad in large warehouses. 

For example, all the food from McDonalds gets thrown in the trash at the end of the night, even after a few hours. The same is true of many food products that have a "best before" date, even though these are still edible. 

Farmers in poor countries are forced by circumstance to grow poppies and coca leaves because it's the only way they can be assured of getting a good price for their crop.

An entire country grows drugs instead of food, and starts fighting among itself for the control of the money. Meanwhile, those that have the money are the ones taking the drugs, while the government fights a war on drugs that hurts hundreds of times more people than it helps.

The solution is reasonably simple. Communism is not something that works because there is no motivation to go above and beyond the regular job. 

Capitalism is not something that works because for the most part, you are born into your financial position like an Indian caste system, or you have to be an evil genius to break out of your tax bracket, (or get food in Africa). 

Socialism is a fair combination of the two, and it should mean that everyone on earth has a right to food, water, health care, and education as a bare minimum. 

These things are not hard to provide, and the most important thing is that they are provided in a sustainable way, because if the population of earth continues to grow due to bad family planning, and if people are still using un-sustainable energy sources and polluting the environment, the entire world will fall, not just the poor. 

What the rich countries must realize is that they can have all the tanks and bombs in the world, but it won't help in a battle of the mind. The war on terrorism is not viable, the war on drugs is not viable, and the solution to world poverty is a fair distribution of wealth in the world, and a shared goal of relieving suffering for every creature on earth, not just the lucky few. 

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Comments (2)


"While the western world was having a "financial crisis", the third world countries were having a food and water crisis. Dying a horrible death while large stockpiles of food went bad in large warehouses.",,,,,,,,,,,,,,Incredible article Rowan, strong, valid points.


Very enlightening Rowan, thank you.