The Financial Injustice Of The World
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The Financial Injustice Of The World

Money can be said to be the root of evil, because while money doesn't buy happiness, it does buy most of the things that people fight about, like food. The financial injustice of the world is perhaps the major reason for war, hatred, suffering and almost everything bad that happens.

What is the financial injustice of the world, and is it the most important issue facing the world today? To start with, let's look at why money is important. You need money to buy food, water, and a roof over your head in most countries. You need it to buy medical care, an education, and perhaps even the very survival of yourself and your family. 

It's no wonder that money is seen to be the root of evil, as it basically means life or death, or is a major determining factor in quality of life. I will make some money for writing this article, which isn't really the reason I'm doing it, although that is a factor. 

I was lucky enough to be born into a situation where I pretty much have all of the necessities of life, even if decide not to do anything at all. I have a house worth a quarter of a million dollars, I have a car, I have a TV, a computer, an iPad, and the government pays me money to do whatever I want to do. 

It turns out that what I want to do is to try to help other people who may not be in such a lucky situation. I spend a lot of time on religious chat groups, even though I am not religious, to try to address the issue of people dying of starvation and thirst, while I worry about trying to give up smoking. 

I see the news, I see the way the world is, and the true evil caused by the power of money, and the things people will do to get it. For example, even though we know that fossil fuels are running out, and using them completely destroys the earth, it costs too much money for corporations and consumers to switch to sustainable energy sources, even though the long term benefits far outweigh the short term costs. 

People would rather see the earth turn into a desert in the next generation or two than lose money, which is understandable, as most people don't have any money to spare. 

I think the figures are that one percent of the world owns about half of all the world's resources or money, and ten percent of the world owns about 90% of all the world's resources.

The financial injustice of the world 

For someone born into a country in extreme poverty, it is almost impossible to break the cycle, as you pretty much need money to make money, even if you decide to take it with a gun, cause bullets aren't cheap. 

It seems to me that the world's resources are not the sole property of those who own them, in fact they have no real claim on them at all. 

I live in Australia, and I'm reminded of the first white settlers from England, back over two hundred years ago. They basically claimed the entire country as the property of the crown, even though there were the aboriginal people already living here. 

The indigenous people's view was that nobody owned the land, and that was a pretty foolish notion to have. The planet is the planet, and the only reason you should fight over it is if there isn't enough food to go around, which there is. 

The financial injustice of the world can be quite easily solved by one of two solutions. Take from the rich, and give to the poor through government policy, or go to war, which I have to say is a distinct possibility, even a civil war within a rich country, if the financial inequality reaches a breaking point.

The solution is not communism, and not capitalism, but it is somewhere in between the two. The only way to ensure that the financial injustice of the world, overpopulation, pollution, etc does not result in the end of the world is to do something about it, and talking about it is the least I can do, because that's how real change happens, in the minds of the people, and voicing that opinion to govenment. 

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