Telecom Technician Salary, Training & Job Requirements
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Telecom Technician Salary, Training & Job Requirements

Salary and job requirements for a Telecom Technician

Telecommunications Technician Trainees will assist Telecommunications Technicians with installation and maintenance of various types of electronic communication systems and equipment including VHF and UHF two-way mobile systems and microwave point-to-point systems. Telecommunications Technician Trainees often travel statewide, working irregular hours and under hazardous conditions in the performance of their duties. Performs other duties as assigned. 

People who are applying for the position are required to have an high school diploma, GED or equivalent. The majority of a telecommunications technician's training is completed on the job under the supervision of an experienced telecommunications technician. There are very few colleges that offer programs for Telecom Techs so there is no coursework required for getting this position, to work up for advancement one would possible a knowledge test administered by a hiring company.

  • Provides hands-on assistance and troubleshoots all phone equipment failures and service issues forall campus users.
  • Provides training and technical expertise on usage of phone equipment and the voice mail system.
  • Programs voice mailboxes for individual users and department trees and troubleshoots voice mail issues and system failures.
  • Places and evaluates phone and data orders, coordinates and oversees all phone work orders.
  • Operates call detail recording equipment and programs for all telephone extensions, departments and budget codes ensuring that phone bills are accurate.
  • Audits, sorts and distributes monthly Call Detail reports to all departments.
  • Verifies and makes changes to cost allocation reports which are then sent to Accounting for posting of phone charges to all departments. 
  • Generates a monthly report for all phone work performed by vendors and new equipment purchases

    for the district.

  • Places phone equipment orders.
  • Verifies, organizes and sorts deliveries of computer and telecommunication equipment ordered

    throughout the District. 

  • . Ensures that departmental procedures are followed to track inventory throughout the District to

      provide warranty cross-reference; researches and accounts for any missing items.

Experienced Telecommunication Tech average salary is around $58,000 per year, this will include the employee’s overtime, performance bonuses and any sales commissions if any.


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