Making Money Online
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Making Money Online

Don't fall for the same old story. Making money online is not easy, and you can't make a million dollars overnight, but you can work online, and if you learn your craft, you might get lucky.

Making money online is a skill that needs to be learned over many years, and you will never find a quick fix to earn you thousands of dollars overnight, unless it is a little bit dodgy.

There are literally thousands of websites that claim to offer you the ability to make money online, and they will tell you that you can make a million dollars if you only pay them $9.95. Then when you try to leave the page, they say "wait, we will give you a special offer of one cent for the information".

These are scam sites. There is no two ways about it. To make a lot of money online, you have to be an expert at website building, or a smart and savvy investor with a lot of money to play with.

No matter what you are doing, you have to learn a lot about it, and you can probably find the information for free if you look hard enough. That's what the internet is for.

I haven't built my own website yet, because I haven't decided on what the concept of the website would be, that would make it worth buying my own domain and paying for hosting.

I am a rookie in making money online, and I have only been active on the internet for a little over a year, but I have learned a lot of things from writing articles, such as search engine optimization, and a number of different ways that other people have tried, and sometimes failed to make money online.

What can I tell you about the best way to do it? I like writing articles. If you ask me, you have to really like whatever it is you are doing, or you won't throw yourself into it enough to have any success.

Some people try affiliate marketing, for example, trying to sell products from Clickbank and Amazon, through pay per click advertising on Google Adwords, or Facebook ads, or by putting links in articles, or on a niche blog, and 99% of them fail.

Why do they fail? People don't like to get sold things. There are about double the amount of people or more, looking for ways to make money online than there are looking for places to buy things they can get in a local shop.

I talked to an affiliate marketer who told me that he has to spam email 500,000 people to make one sale. This is illegal, and it doesn't make all that much money, but that is the real way affiliate marketing works.

I prefer to write articles, giving people quality information that they are searching for, and on a site like Factoidz, I don't even have to worry if they click on the ads or not, I get paid for the views on the page.

How much do I get paid? Well, I haven't been doing it for very long, about a year, and so far, I have built up a residual income of about $200 a month from all sources. Maybe more, maybe less.

The thing about a residual income, is it keeps coming in, and you can keep building on it. In ten years, I should have learned enough to push that up to $10,000 a month or more.

It seems like a long way off, but I don't care, my bills are getting paid, and I'm learning a lot about search engine optimization, and the way the internet works.

As for making money online, go back to school if you don't know more than I do, cause I don't plan to make a million, and I don't believe there is any set formula that anyone can teach you for doing that.

There is one simple idea to keep in mind when looking at sites that claim to be able to make you money fast. There is no reason why someone would offer you a way to make money if it didn't make them money, and if they needed your help, they could outsource the same work to a guy in India for a dollar a day.

Any site that claims to be able to make you a million is a scam, or it relies on the fact that you are a smooth enough talker to scam people in the same way.

Don't fall for cash gifting sites, don't give your money to "gurus", and if you do want to make a little extra money online, you couldn't do much better as a place to start than right here on Factoidz.

If you haven't tried it, it's free, easy, and rewarding, so join Factoidz, and get paid to write articles by clicking here.

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good article

Yes, good, very good

A very realistic article regarding money making online.

A good writeup on making money online from home! Thanks for sharing.