Making Money As an Amazon Affiliate
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Making Money As an Amazon Affiliate

Can anyone make money as an Amazon affiliate, or is it only the experts who sell lots of products?

I'm not trying to sell any Amazon products here in this article, I just want to make that clear, because it would be against the policy of not putting self-promotional links in articles on Factoidz.

I have sold my first Amazon products though, and I think the sales came from my free blog on Blogger. I monetize my free Blogger blog and my free Typepad blog with Amazon ads, because I lost my Google Adsense account.

I have been signed up to the Amazon affiliate program for almost a year now, and this is the first ten dollars I have made from them, but I guess that's probably because I was focusing on other things.

I read somewhere that 99% of all affiliates for Amazon and Clickbank don't sell enough to get their first check or payment, and so they give up.

I still haven't made enough to get sent a check, because as I'm outside the US, the only available option is a check, and I have to wait until I make $100 or more.

Am I Making Money as an Amazon Affiliate?

Well, since I started posting regularly in my free blog on SEO, I have sold eight books on SEO, and made a little under $10. I tried putting Amazon ads on my HubPages hubs for a while, but didn't sell anything there.

It looks like you have to really target the ads to someone who is actively looking to buy that exact item, or otherwise you have no hope of selling something unless you get 20,000 views a day.

I make over ten times as much from writing articles here on Factoidz, and I made almost a hundred dollars here last month for writing one or two articles a day over the last three months since I joined, and it keeps rising fairly quickly.

I wrote a blog post trying to sell an iPad or an iPad 2, but to tell you the truth, I don't expect I will ever sell one in the few years left until the next big thing comes out.

Perhaps that's being negative, but it is incredibly hard to compete in a Google search on any high value keyword like iPad, and there are experts with a lot of money trying to do the same thing.

I will continue to post in my free blog, mainly to make back links to my articles here on Factoidz, and monetize the posts with Amazon ads, but I don't expect to make a million dollars at affiliate marketing that way.

If you want to make a million dollars selling Amazon products as an affiliate, you probably need to investigate pay per click advertising on Facebook ads, Yahoo ads and others. Advertising affiliate links on Google Adwords may get your account permanently suspended.

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Comments (8)

I was curious about affiliate marketing and Amazon is about the best there is... looks like you need an awful lot of exposure to make lots of money though! Great post.

Nice thorough explanation

Good and useful facts. Thanks.

Thanks for the helpful tip.

I loved putting Amazon products on my blogs, it is fun to pick your own ads or products to sell and get paid for it. But our politicians angered Amazon and in my state I can no longer be a part of the Amazon Affiliate program. I can still sell Amazon products on my Squidoo pages though.


very informative share.

I have been doing the same thing and it pays to keep trying. Great article.