Is There Any Truth Behind Online Get Rich Quick Schemes?
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Is There Any Truth Behind Online Get Rich Quick Schemes?

What is the real truth behind internet get rich quick schemes? Are they all scams?

What's the Truth Behind Get Rich Quick Schemes?

The truth about online get rich quick schemes is different in every case. As I soon as I got online for the first time a few years ago, I was bombarded by claims about being able to make thousands of dollars a day for only a few hours work.

Most of these sites are scams, but some of them are actually legitimate. The problem is, most people automatically think they are scams, so it takes a huge amount of traffic, or very targeted traffic to the right people, for anyone to sign up under you.

It takes an internet marketing professional to make any real money at something like this, and often those people are the ones who make the site themselves.

This is the reason why get rich quick schemes don't work in a lot of cases.

However, I've done some research on this, and there is a fairly large community of network marketers and internet marketers who are constantly snapping up new opportunities, and promoting them to their email lists, or through pay per click advertising, and if they have a large enough list, a large enough budget, or a really great knowledge of SEO, and get in before everyone else, they can make a fortune.

What starts to happen after a while though, is the people at the bottom who can't sell it to anyone else start to pull out, stop paying their monthly fees, and then the next level pulls out, and the next level, until the whole thing goes south.

That's when a new opportunity is needed, and that's why there are new get rich quick schemes coming out all the time.

What Should you Look for in a Get Rich Quick Scheme?

The whole idea of a get rich quick scheme turns a lot of people off as soon as you mention making lots of money, because the vast majority of people who have tried one of these before, haven't made a lot of money.

The site should offer a legitimate, interesting and original product with widespread appeal, and if it has any monthly fees, they should be affordable. It needs to have a great promotional video that would appeal to a widespread audience, it should teach you how to promote the site, in a way that even a beginner could do it, and it should be a new enough site that most people wouldn't have heard about it before.

Given that you need a fairly new site, there aren't many ways to check that it is reliable and trustworthy, so you're taking a big risk.

If you don't have a safe list of network and internet marketers already built, (or building), you will need to know a lot about SEO, (Search Engine Optimization), SMO, (Social Media Optimization), and pay per click advertising.

Given all these factors, it's a huge risk, but if you do somehow make it work, you can get get rich quick. That's the truth behind get rich quick schemes, and the truth is, it's a gamble, even if you're an expert.

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Comments (2)

Another excellent article of the series of how to get money from the internet.Thanks Rowan

Interesting article. There are so many of these instant get rich schemes.