How To Quickly Make Some Extra Cash Online
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How To Quickly Make Some Extra Cash Online

This article will show you some great tips on how to quickly make some extra cash online. It may not happen overnight, but it will happen.

This article will show you how to quickly make some extra cash online. When I say cash, the fastest you will probably get it is a month, perhaps a fortnight, or if you have a good amount of experience online, you could make it overnight. 

The only way I know of to make money straight away online is to get someone to pay you for a product or service through Pay Pal, or a credit card. 

It's very easy to get the code for a Pay Pal button to put on your site, and you can make a free blog on Blogger or 

I would have to say that for good SEO, you probably should make a professional Wordpress website, self-hosted on your own domain, but that costs about fifteen dollars a year for the domain, and ten dollars or so a month for the hosting. Read the article for more information on that, as it's the best long term strategy. 

If you can somehow get a lot of traffic to an attractive page that is selling something with a Pay Pal button, then you can get money straight away, but most sites that aren't yours wait until the end of the month, or for at least a week to pay you. 

Quickly Make Money Online

Sites Where You Can Quickly Make Some Extra Cash

Fiverr is a great site, and you can list gigs to do absolutely anything at all, and it doesn't take a whole lot of writing to make a gig. 

Just say you will click the like button or the Google Plus One button, or the Digg button, stumble button etc on twenty or thirty different pages of their site. 

If you have something you have a talent in, like making videos, making photos, drawing, painting, or anything at all, then list it as a gig, so long as it's worth your time to do. 

There are literally thousands of sites like Fiverr, they call them Fiverr clones. When you sell a gig on Fiverr, it takes fourteen days to clear, and some of the other sites let you take out your money faster, like within a week. 

However these gigs aren't guaranteed work, as people are often hesitant to order a new gig that doesn't have a positive rating, so if you're after some extra cash within thirty days, the best place to start is right here on Factoidz, (Join Factoidz). 

I'm writing a lot of articles at the moment, because my car needs fixing, so I'm trying to come up with an extra thousand dollars over the next few months, which is possible here, if you write a lot. 

You can write product reviews, or contextual back links, which pay the most, although I generally prefer just to write regular articles about anything, and hope that they do well on Google, by picking a title that will get long term traffic, and that doesn't have too much competition. 

If I had called this article how to make money online, that would have been stupid, because there would be an awful lot of competition for that phrase, and I may not be able to compete for this more specific title either, but some of my articles pick up about five dollars a month in residuals, so it's better to aim for a long-tail keyword phrase that you would expect would get a lot of traffic. 

That's how to quickly make some extra cash online, I've been trying for years, and I'm still finding that writing here on Factoidz is one of the best and most reliable ways I know to do that. 

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I need to look into doing a blog. That's a New Year's resolution for me.