How Much Money Do You Need Before You Are Considered Rich?
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How Much Money Do You Need Before You Are Considered Rich?

How much money do you need to have in the bank before you are considered rich?

The question is how much money do you need before you are considered rich? It's not a question that is easy to answer, because everyone has their own definition of what it means to be rich, but let's examine it. 

First of all, let's get the comparison to poverty out of the way, as on your way up to billionaire, you would probably be considered rich by people in poverty if you had food, water, and shelter. 

In a way, that's the best kind of riches, simple health and comfort, and if you're happy with that, then you are rich in spirit, but that's not what most people in my country would consider rich. 

The next step would be the unemployed in a country like the US. There are millions of homeless people on the streets of New York, and in part, a lot of them are there because they can't afford to pay the rent, and feed themselves. 

There are in fact families in the US where the husband works full time, but they are all forced to sleep in their car. Almost sounds worse than the third world countries. 

Then, there is the average working class and middle class families. They have just enough money to send their kids through school, buy them a computer, pay the internet bill, the electricity bill, the phone bill, the insurance, etc, etc. 

Next on the list is a bachelor, with a good job. He has enough money to buy a fancy car, and a nice apartment, although he may have put it on a credit card, in which case he may be in trouble. 

After that comes the real earners, the doctors, lawyers and CEOs. They can legitimately say that money is no object, until they get divorced, and the wife takes half of it in the settlement. 

After that, you have businessmen. The people who have succeeded in coming up with an incredibly brilliant business idea. The rock stars, the dot com elite, the owners of restaurant chains and department stores. 

Then, you have the children of these wealthy captains of industry. Born with a silver spoon in their mouth, they only have to click their fingers to get anything they could possibly want.

How Much Money Do You Need?

"Get me another martini Geeves, and rub some more suntan lotion on my back." This for me, is the definition of rich. So much money, that you can have anything you want, for the rest of your life.

Being rich is about freedom, freedom from the hassle of having to do anything. It's also a curse as well though, because without anything to strive for, you tend to be a little lost, and not know what you're trying to do.

Even the richest people in the world can get caught in a trap where they always want more, as it is the nature of humanity to have desire. 

Nothing wrong with that, but how much happier is the rich woman by the pool than the first rich person I mentioned? It's impossible to tell, but being rich in gold is not always considered being rich. 

How much money do you need before you are considered rich? Personally, I think I need a little more money, so I can buy a car that doesn't sound like a lawnmower, but I'll be alright if I don't get it, and that's the attitude to have. 

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