How Many People Earn More Than A Hundred Thousand Dollars A Year?
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How Many People Earn More Than A Hundred Thousand Dollars A Year?

This article aims to find out how many people there are in the world, or at least in western countries who earn over one hundred thousand dollars a year. I realized that I didn't really know how much people were earning in my country, and I should probably find out, just to make a comparison with my own earnings.

I realized today that I didn't really know how much the average person makes in my country, (Australia), and how much I would need to make to be above the poverty line, or above the earnings of the average person. 

How many people earn more than a hundred thousand dollars a year? How many people earn more than fifty thousand dollars a year? At the moment the Australian dollar is worth more than an American dollar, but it's around the same sort of value. 

I will take a look at some of the census figures for America, Australia, and the UK, to try to compare how much people earn in those countries. I can't figure out the earnings in every country, but I'll try to give an estimate of that too. 

According to a Wiki Answers site about a census poll in 2009, about 9.7% of Americans make over one hundred thousand dollars a year. The figure for the number of Australians was given as about 6% of the work force, and there's an unemployment rate of about 5-10%.

I'm not sure if the figures on the first one are for every man, woman, child, and older person, but nevertheless, I think it suggests that there are more rich people in America, although the cost of living in a city like New York is a lot more.

I tried about a dozen searches to try to find out how many people in the UK earned more than a hundred thousand pounds a year, but I ended up giving up. It's probably a similar number, once you convert the currency.

How Many People Earn More Than Fifty Thousand Dollars A Year?

I found it rather hard to find exact figures for this one, but apparently it's something like fifty percent of Americans who make more than fifty thousand a year, and anyone who makes less than that is considered to be fairly poor, especially in the big cities, where the cost of living is high. 

According to My Budget 360, the median household wage is $46,326 in America, which means that's the average income for a particular house, not person. I guess that means the average income for people is actually lower still. 

According to Wikipedia, the average median household income in Australia is comparable to America, or it was in 2007, but then the figures actually seem to suggest that it's more than America.

The state I live in has the lowest income of course, but from those figures, I can assume that the average household income where I live is about one thousand a week.

I'm not sure if that's before or after tax, I'm not sure how many people live in the average household, and I'm not sure that this information is up to date, or even reliable.

I may as well stop writing now, but at least I've figured out the income which I should be aiming for, which is about seven hundred dollars a week after tax. I'm more than half way there, just from writing articles like this on Factoidz, plus I own my own house and get money from the government.  

How many people earn more than a hundred thousand dollars a year? If you look at the richer countries, a small percentage, and if you look at the population of the world, it becomes a very tiny minority, less than one percent. 

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Comments (6)

Very interesting discussion.Thanks.

I certainly do not, but my father did, he was a University professor.

Interesting information. If you look at it worldwide. It certainly is a very small percentage that make more that $100,000 per year. In the entire scheme of things it's not how much your earn, but how much can you save.

The number of people making over $100,000 is decreasing all the time. Interesting article.

Good stats you bring into the article. The economic lows many countries are facing show in the income numbers.

Very interesting statistics. Voted.