Highest Income Cities in the United States
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Highest Income Cities in the United States

The top ten highest income cities in the United States based upon average median household income. One state has two cities in the top ten.

These are the ten highest income cities in the United States based upon median household income. Some of the cities on the list may be a surprise to some but the biggest surprise might be that New York City is not on the list as it ranks just 12th. A lot people make a lot of money in the New York metropolitan area but there are enough people in the area who have jobs that do not pay high salaries to keep New York city off this list. Only one state in the country has more than two cities on this list but it is not a state most people would guess.

San Francisco, Oakland and San Jose - $63,024 median household income 

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The San Francisco metropolitan area is the number one city in the United States based upon median household income. Fueled by the high income salaries available in Silicon Valley and all the tech jobs in the area people living in the San Francisco area have a very high living standard.

Washington, DC area - $57,291

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The Washington DC area contains four of the highest income counties in the United States and Washington DC itself is the second highest income city in the United States with an average median household income of $57,291.

Anchorage, Alaska - $55,546 

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One can earn a good salary in Anchorage, Alaska but it's also expensive to live in Alaska because many goods in Alaska have to be shipped a long way from where they are manufactured. So one can make good money in Anchorage but must also spend the money to live.

Minneapolis-St. Paul, Minnesota - $54,304 

Image Source

With an average median household income of $54,304 the Minneapolis-St. Paul metropolitan area is the 4th highest income city area in the United States and a great place to live as long as one doesn't mind the winter.

Boston, Massacusetts - $52,792

Image Source

The greater Boston metropolitan area is an economic powerhouse filled with high paying jobs and lots of old wealth money. The average median household income in the Boston area ranks 5th in the United States at $52,188.

Hartford, Connecticut - $52,188 

Image Source

The insurance capital of the world is the 5th highest income city in the world at $52,188. Guess insurance jobs pay good salaries at least at the executive level.

Atlanta, Georgia - $51,948 

Image Source

The city that is home to Coca-Cola has the 6th highest average median income at $51,948 and Atlanta is the most wired city in the United States with WiFi Internet access all over the city.

Honolulu, Hawaii - $51,941 

Image Source

Like Anchorage, Alaska one can earn a high salary in Honolulu, Hawaii but again because most goods have to be transported a long way from where they are manufactured to Honolulu it's an expensive city to live in. But the weather is fantastic as are the views and the ocean.

Rochester, Minnesota - $51,316 

Image Source

Located in southeastern Minnesota the city of Rochester ranks 9th on the list of highest income cities in the United States with a median household income of $51,316 and is the second metropolitan area in Minnesota to make the list. Who knew you could make so much money in Minnesota?

Denver, Colorado - $51,088

Image Source

The Denver-Boulder metropolitan area rounds out the list of highest income cities in the United States with an average median household income of $51,088. New York City used to be one of the top ten highest income cities in the USA and many people from New York have been moving to Colorado over the last few decades which could help explain why the Denver area makes the list as the New Yorkers moved west taking their money with them.

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Comments (6)

Wow, just was'nt the cities I was expecting. Obviously as a Brit I don't know much about U.S cities, but were you surprised by this table Joe, or as an American was it common knowledge to you?

It was surprised to find that Alaska and Hawaii are also in high income city list. :-)

Dee, most Europeans also forget how simply expansive this country is. To get from any one of these cities to another usually requires a long flight! Rochester to Atlanta is a three hour flight, for instance. Most of our produce is shipped exclusively from southern states and is highly seasonal everywhere else. Dairy is almost always from the northeast and fish is pretty much from NY and the Maine coast. Many states here never have snow in winter, and places like Buffalo NY see the leaves change color by about - next week. Anything that's hard to get to becomes very costly. Large migrational fluxes changed a lot in the 19th century, but still, you couldn't get me to live in North Dakota or Alaska for double the median salary.

excellent share

Dee, the only city that surprised me on the list was Rochester, Minnesota. I know wealthy people live in Minneapolis but didn't know their were that many wealthy people in Rochester. I've been to all these cities and especially know that the high salaries in Anchorage and Hawaii are necessary because it's expensive to live there.


I want to travel it one day with them ,whom also like it !!