High Compensation Evening Jobs
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High Compensation Evening Jobs

There are really some people who are more comfortable working on evening shifts. What is good about this is it pays even more compared to a day shift work.

Due to the nature of some businesses that operate twenty four hours a day, they absolutely need staffs to handle and operate evening hour’s transaction. They also pay premium for staffs that are willing to work for a graveyard shift. Usually, an evening job or evening shift starts at five o’clock in the afternoon or later. What is good about this evening job is that it also provides good and high compensation and a comfortable living standard.

Here are some few examples of evening jobs that pays well:

Police Officer

Services of police officers are most of the time needed to help and protect people and to enforce the law. They are usually on duty all hours a day if called for assistance or special operation. With year of experience and complete training, they can earn a minimum of $50,000 annual salary. But police officers who are on evening shift or duty can expect to earn an additional two to ten percent salary increase as compared to those who are on a regular day duty.

Registered Nurse

Hospitals operate 24 hours a day and 7 times a week all throughout. It needs registered nurses to run the operation especially that it deals with human life. Despite the fact that patients are just sleeping on the evening hours, still a registered nurse working on a graveyard shift can earn an additional of $1,200 or more a year compared to registered nurses who are working on a day shift only.


Tending bar usually becomes more busy and lucrative in the evening. It is the time when people would go out after work to relax, have fun, hang out with friends and just enjoy the night life after a day’s work. This is the time when services of a bartender are badly needed. Bartending is also one of the high paying evening jobs but bartender’s salaries will vary depending on the location of the bar. A bartender can earn even more especially if the bar location is located in high end hotels or restaurants. Also, with more people going out to imbibe on a night life, chances of receiving more tips can likewise increase a bartender’s salary.


There are hospital pharmacist, medical offices and drug stores that open 24 hours a day. Those who are working on a night shift can likewise earn as much as ten percent increase in his salary compared to the one working on a regular day shift.

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