Easy Ways To Make Money Online For Free
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Easy Ways To Make Money Online For Free

Are there really any easy ways to make money online for free?

Looking for some easy ways to make money online for free? So are a lot of people, and the vast majority don't make a lot of money, but it is possible. 

As soon as I publish this article, I will make over five dollars, and all I need to do is make it over four hundred words, in a category with a good pay out, and keep up the same level of traffic and SEO rank.

I've been writing on Factoidz for about two years now, and I'm a featured writer, which is the highest level in the ranking system of Factoidz. 

Basically, you get paid based on how well you do your job, which is getting traffic to the site, resulting in Google Adsense revenue from clicks on ads on the page. 

You need to be able to write well in good English, have some understanding of search engine optimization, and you have to write factual articles, or the product reviews they give you to write about. 

Anyway, right now, that's one of the best easy ways to make money online for free, so I would suggest that you join Factoidz. I'm not going to go into how you make the most out of the site, you just do a good job, that's about it. 

More Easy Ways To Make Money Online For Free

Some people may not have a natural talent for writing, and may not be able to figure out SEO very well, so the next best free way to make money online that I know about is Fiverr. 

I am a level two seller on Fiverr, which means that I get the option of adding extras to my gigs. For example, I have a gig where I will make 2,000 back links from directories, and show you the free online tool I used to do it. 

I added a gig extra for another five dollars, where I will share your site with all my social connections, which is my best selling gig. 

You can do absolutely anything to make money on Fiverr, it's whatever you are willing to do for five dollars, (which actually works out to a little less than four after charges). 

Some people sell their services making videos, (like me), some sell their services getting likes and followers, and others have a talent for writing, or they will put up posters around a particular city, anything at all. 

The site is so popular that there are a huge number of different sites like Fiverr springing up. You can actually get your own Fiverr clone for about two hundred dollars from a site like Fiverrscript. 

Generally, some of these might sell a thousand gigs a day if they're lucky, but Fiverr is selling 20,000 gigs a day, and continuing to grow. 

It's the most popular site for outsourcing work of any kind, whether it's SEO back links, social sharing, video production, music recording, website design, anything at all. 

Apart from these two, you can get a Google Adsense account and make a free blog, or you can try to sell Amazon or Clickbank products, but realistically, you have less chance of making as much money as quickly, because there is so much competition on Google in those areas for profitable keywords.

Easy Ways To Make Money Online

The sites I gave you, Factoidz and Fiverr are some easy ways to make money online for free. You won't make a lot, but if you stick at it, you will make enough to pay for the domain name and hosting of your first website. 

Do you need to have your own website? No, you don't, and it requires a great level of sklll and effort to make more money online from your own site than from an already established website. 

However, if you put in the effort, you can compete for much higher competition searches if you learn a lot about SEO

It took me six months to get my site up to a PR 4, which is the same page rank as Factoidz. I made some bad mistakes, (as you do on your first site), for example, I didn't get an exact match domain name to a high search volume keyword phrase. 

That means that my home page is never going to get a lot of traffic from Google, except from people clicking on the link to the home page from other pages on my site. 

For example, I have pages leading from the home page for different products like Facebook page likes, and I have a blog that links back to these payment pages, and all of the pages link to the home page. 

I'm not going to go into SEO, you can check out my site by clicking on one of the links, or by googling professional social promotion. I offer my services doing pretty much anything, and I can do some coaching or training if you are looking for more information about how to build your own website. 

For now, are there any more easy ways to make money online for free? Nope, I think I've covered it, Factoidz, (and perhaps other article writing sites), Fiverr, (and perhaps other micro job sites), and your own professional website or blog. You can try filling out surveys, but to point you in that direction would be sending you towards a lot of scams. There isn't really all that much choice. 

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