Earn Extra Cash And Gift Cards Doing Surveys
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Earn Extra Cash And Gift Cards Doing Surveys

Doing market research surveys is worth it! You can earn extra income, prizes, and learn about useful and fun new products all year long!

For quite some time, I have been doing surveys and clicking on emails to earn extra money and gift cards for items we need in my household every day and for the holidays!  It takes some time to sign up for these panels, but it can be fairly lucrative to do so, and doesn't take much time out of your day.  If you are unemployed, on a fixed income, or in a tight spot, its a good idea to get some extra incentives and cash flow into your household for the things you want and need by participating in survey panels.

Gift cards and cash aren't the only perks involved in doing consumer research and opinion surveys.  At times, when you become familiar to these companies, or if you meet the correct criteria they need, you can test products and keep them.  I have received coupons for free items, and free product for many of these projects.  Some of these items include chips, prepared foods, women's feminine care items, chocolate, homeopathic medicines, lotion, shampoo, skincare products, toys, children and baby products, and even clothing.  Its incredible what companies are wiling to give in to test their products for market research. 

What is required to earn these perks? 

1.  Your Name

2.  Your Address

3.  Your Age

4.  Your Household Composition

5.  Your marital status

6.  Your Income

Questioning for these panels aren't terribly invasive.  These companies simply want to test their products and get opinions about items you use every day to gain market perspective, and you get free things.  You get to try new thing and save your own cash as well as sometimes receive cash and gift cards just for your ideas and insight into product markets.  Its easy, fun, and sometimes you learn something new! 

The cool part about many of these panels is that even your children can do them with your permission.  Its a great way for teens to earn money and develop a work ethic for inventives as well!  Also, if you refer friends, you can earn a buck or two!  Sometimes these panels offer sweepstakes for referrals, or for participating in a certain amount of research within a particular time period.  I have received checks for cash on several occasions.  These contests really do yield winnings! I used to think it was a bunch of junk, but you really will at some point when you least expect it get something for free!  I know its said there is no such thing as a free lunch, well, that's not entirely true!  I have received several $50 checks for my participation in additon to the incentives received for just doing the surveys!

Here is a list of survey panels I use to bring in some extra cash flow, get free products, and receive gift cards for!

Surveyhead offers oodles of surveys. Log in daily and you are guaranteed to make a few bucks!

Send Earnings has a $30 cashout threshold, but its relatively easy to do. Read emails in your inbox and get paid a penny.  Those pennies add up, trust me on this!

Palm Research has a $10 cashout threshold, which is simple to get to. They pay cash and you get $1 for each survey. Most surveys are short and uncomplicated.

HCD Surveys  pays you to take surveys and invite new members.  HCD surveys are unique and interesting. 

Daily Survey Panel is wonderful!  You can cash out starting at a dollar.  Invite friends and you earn part of their earnings.

Quick Rewards awards quick prizes. There are a multitude of ways to earn. They include large amounts of diverse surveys, newsletter signups, game signups, other survey panel signups, and more for cash!  If you answer trivia daily, you get points towareds Paypal cash or prizes!  You can earn reward points towards items such as video rentals at Blockbuster and Domino's pizza!

Survey Savvy is a dependable survey panel that sends checks to your home for survey participation.  You can also refer friends for extra cash!

Your Daily Surveys

Panel Polls is is for kids mostly and their parents.

Ipsos I-Say is great!  Its an easy panel that just updated their prizes to a great selection.

Toluna Survey Panel is great!  You will earn prizes like crazy there.  They even offer points for tiny polls that take you just seconds to participate in.  You get 1,000 Referral points per friend referred! 

Rewardport has a separate sister site. You get credit through their main site for signing up, so do it after you sign up for the big site.

USA Talk Now

Dollar Click or Signup

My Survey (Formerly Lightspeed Panel) offers Amazon Gift cards for participation! 

Opinion Central sends Paypal payments within days of doing a survey. They pay by the individual survey directly to Paypal.  There is no asking for your funds required.  Its just dispersed when you complete your task.

Global Test Market offers gift cards and cash for particpation!

Expo Tv is unique. Its a social network where people upload video reviews, but you can opt just to simply participate in their product testing campaigns, Tryology. You get free product and points for answering questions about how you felt about said product. Refer friends for extra points. Cash out for gift cards or other various prizes! Its so easy!

Zoom Panel offers 250 points for each referred friend to spend on prizes. They don't offer cash, but their prizes are decent.

Mommy Talk Surveys pays cash to moms for offering their opinions on several unique topics.

Inbox Dollars offers cash for reading email and doing surveys!

Test Spin offers cash via Paypal as a cash out option! You need a thousand points to cash out and they are pretty generous with points depending on the difficulty and length of the survey.

Dollar Surveys allows for your to do a quick survey, enter your paypal email address, and get paid instantly!  However, depending on the survey, its not always instant!

Synovate pays cash for surveys, gives you many choices, and sometimes sends products by mail to be evaluated such as food.

Insight Exchange Team is a new survey panel that awards in either a $15 Home Depot Gift Card for 160 points, or a $15 Best Buy Gift Card for 160 points. Typically surveys, which aren't too frequent give 5 to 10 points. On the up side, the surveys are very short. They state there will be more award options soon!

Data Intelligence, I don't qualify for every time, but I just cashed out for a $10 Perks certificate that I can cash in for a gift card. They email it to you. I have a few points left over. They don't ask you endless questions, if you don't qualify, they just tell you almost immediately instead of making you do half the survey like some companies!

Kid Opinions is for kids and parents. You both get surveys. They pay out by check, and have really fun, easy, and interesting surveys that usually are not going to take you forever to complete.

Resonance Research pays by paypal. I have done a few surveys with them and they pay very well!

Instant Dollarz Surveys

Clear Voice Surveys

Buzz Sponge

CVS Advisory Panel pays in Extra Care dollars and gift cards.

Buzzback offers a $15 cash out threshold met rather quickly with short surveys and product tests ranging anywhere from 50 cents to $10 or $20. 

Baker Street Solutions pays in Amazon gift cards, and they pay well!

American Consumer Panel pays by check!

Socratic Forum offers payment in the form of a check via mail.

Buzzback Survey Panel offers various surveys and product testing! They pay well! 

Epoll Surveys offers several cash out options. My favorite is the Target Gift Card!

Quizpoints Surveys & Freebies allows for you to post freebies, refer friends, complete surveys, and get paid by Paypal cash or gift cards!

Say Nation Surveys Panel is for people 13 and older.  Its a great way for teens to earn prizes, gift cards, and cash, and for mom, dad,, grandma, and grandpa to earn prizes, too! 

Click IQ E-visor Panel offers easy and quick surveys. You can refer friends for 50 points each!

The Smokers Network emails periodic surveys and pays cash once you reach a $10 threshold through check by mail!

Shopper's Perspective Community does food market research and offers surveys paying with Amazon Gift Certificates!

You Gov Surveys offers rewards in gift certificates as well as prizes. I have done a few product testing studies where I got a check, once for $50. I also got free product to test and got to keep it, and it was not junk! Its worth It! 

Click Sense Research gives you ten cents even if you don't qualify for a survey through a screener. They pay with gift cards once you reach $10. 

Bellweather Surveys pays cash.

Survey Downline offers Facebook credits and PayPal cash rewards!

Opinion World offers Paypal cash outs as well as cashouts for prizes in their gift shop.

Minds Pay processes 100% of payments by PayPal. Members will need to have a US verified primary PayPal account to be eligible for payments.

Paid Viewpoint offers $15 via Paypal once you reach earnings of $15!

Speak Up Surveys

Its worth a try, I have been doing this for a number of years, and its a great way to get your holiday, and birthday shopping done, and just maybe to even have a little left over for yourself!

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