Customer Service Rep Salary & Job Requirements
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Customer Service Rep Salary & Job Requirements

Customer service representatives salaries and job requirements.Education,training ,other qualifications and advancements of customer service representatives

Customer service representatives:

Customer service representatives work for a variety of firms throughout the country and act as a direct point of contact for customers. They must ensure that their customers are assisted properly and that all their questions and concerns are addressed. Customers can be single consumers or large firms, and the needed services can be quite different depending on the customer.

Customer service rep salaries:

Earnings for customer service representatives vary according to level of skill required, experience, training, location, and size of firm.

The median expected salary for a typical Customer Service Representative in the United States is $30,380.

Years of experience National salary data
less than 1 year $24,938 to $34,327
1 to 4 years $27,300 to $37,600
5 to 9 years $29,940 to $40,400
10 to 19 years $31,322 to $43,323
20 years and above $32,920 to $48,200

Job requirements:

Training, Other Qualifications, and Advancement

Most jobs require at least a high school diploma. Employers provide training to workers before they begin serving customers.

Education and training:

 Most customer service representative jobs require a high school diploma. However, because employers are demanding a more skilled workforce, some customer service jobs now require associate or bachelor's degrees. High school and college level courses in computers, English, or business are helpful in preparing for a job in customer service.

Training requirements vary by industry. Almost all customer service representatives are provided with some training prior to beginning work. This training generally focuses on the company and its products, the most commonly asked questions, the computer and telephone systems they will be using, and basic people skills. Length of training varies, but often lasts several weeks. Some customer service representatives are expected to update their training regularly. This is particularly true of workers in industries such as banking, in which regulations and products are continually changing.

Other qualifications:

Because customer service representatives constantly interact with the public, good communication and problem-solving skills are essential. Verbal communication and listening skills are especially important. Companies prefer to hire individuals who have a pleasant speaking voice and are easy to understand. For workers who communicate through e-mail, good typing, spelling, and grammar skills are necessary. Basic to intermediate computer knowledge and good interpersonal skills are also important.

Customer service representatives play a critical role in providing an interface between customers and companies. As a result, employers seek out people who are friendly and possess a professional manner. The ability to deal patiently with problems and complaints and to remain courteous when faced with difficult or angry people is critical. Also, a customer service representative often must be able to work independently within specified time constraints.


Customer service jobs are often good introductory positions into a company or an industry. In some cases, experienced workers can move into supervisory or managerial positions or they may move into areas such as product development, in which they can use their knowledge to improve products and services. Some people work in call centers with the hope of transferring to a position in another department.

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