10 States Where You Can Earn the Most Money
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10 States Where You Can Earn the Most Money

The ten states in the United States where you can on average earn the most money. The 10 states with highest average annual median incomes.

These are the ten highest income states in the United States where you can earn the most money from salaries in general. Of course you can earn a high salary in every state but on average you will earn more money living in one of these ten states because more high paying jobs are available in these states. Many of the highest income counties and cities in the United States are located in these states. Income based upon average median household income for each state.

1) Maryland - $70,545

Image Source (Ocean City, Maryland)

Maryland is the highest income state in the United States with an average median household income of $70,545. Two of Maryland's counties Howard and Montgomery Counties are two of the top ten highest income counties in the United States and Washington DC is the 2nd highest income city in the country. Vast and ever increasing federal government spending of money is the key driver to Maryland being the highest income state where you can on average earn the most money in the USA.

2) New Jersey - $70,378

Image Source (Great Falls of the Passaic River in Paterson)

New Jersey is the second highest income state at $70,378. Proximity to the financial capital of the world New York City and the number of large Fortune 500 companies located in the state especially pharmaceutical giants like Pfizer and Merck combined with high paying state government jobs drive the high salaries in New Jersey. Hunterdon, Somerset and Morris Counties in the state are three of the highest income counties in the United States.

3) Connecticut - $68,595

Image Source (Connecticut State Capitol Building in Hartford)

Hartford, Connecticut is the 6th highest income city in the United States thanks to all the insurance companies headquartered there and the proximity to New York City helps Connecticut to be the 3rd highest income in the country with an average median household income of $68,595. Plenty of money and high paying jobs in the Nutmeg State.

4) Alaska - $68,460

Image Source (Anchorage, Alaska is the 3rd highest income state in United States)

Alaska is the 4th highest income state and Anchorage is the 5th highest income city but people need higher salaries to be able to afford to live in Alaska because goods in Alaska are generally expensive due to shipping costs.

5) Hawaii - $67,214

Image Source (Honolulu)

Hawaii is very similar to Alaska in that although residents can make high good money in Hawaii the living costs are higher too due to shipping costs. Honolulu is 8th highest income city in the USA.

6) Massachusetts - $65,401

Image Source (Boston, Massachusetts)

Boston is the 5th highest income city in the country and the main reason Massachusetts has so many high paying jobs located in the state. Plenty of old and new money in the Bay State.

7) New Hampshire - $63,731

Image Source (New Hampshire State Capitol Building)

Not sure why New Hampshire makes the list but the Live Free or Die State has no sales tax or income tax which might be a haven for wealthy individuals and encourage them to live in New Hampshire and save their money from state taxes.

8) Virginia - $61,223

Image Source (Virginia Beach)

Virginia is the 8th highest income state in large part due to the proximity of Washington, DC. Three counties in Virginia that are suburbs of Washington, DC are in the top ten highest income counties in the United States and two of those counties are the top two income counties in the country.

9) California - $61,021

Image Source and License (Hollywood Boulevard by David Iliff)

California has a huge economy and people living in the state can earn big money in Hollywood and other industries in the state. If California was its own country it would have the 8th largest economy in the world with a GDP of $1.85 trillion dollars.

10) Washington - $58,078

Image Source

The state of Washington is very wealthy and people living there can earn high salaries working for huge global companies like Boeing and Microsoft and domestic companies like Starbucks, Costco and Nordstrom plus Internet company Amazon.com.

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Sources: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/List_of_U.S._states_by_income

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Comments (4)

An interesting read Joe, surprised NYC was'nt amongst them though.

Those states are the richest one. :-) Interesting read as usual. :-)

Great article. I live in California so I definately know how big our economy is and it's huge!

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