10 Highest Income Counties in the United States
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10 Highest Income Counties in the United States

The ten highest income counties in the United States based upon median household income. Nine of the ten counties are suburbs of either Washington, DC or New York City.

These are the ten highest income counties in the United States as measured by median household income. Nine of the ten counties are located near two major cities Washington, DC and New York. The counties near Washington, DC signal just how much the United States Government has grown in the last decade which has fueled wealth for those working for the government in the Washington, DC area. The counties near New York City are continuing signs of just how much New York City is the financial capital of the United States as many high paying jobs associated with finance and Wall Street are centered in the New York area.

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1) Loudoun County, Virginia - $110,643 median household income average

Loudoun County in Virginia has the highest median household income of any county in the United States at $110,643. Loudoun County is a suburb of Washington, DC that has seen its population grow from 170,000 people in 2000 to well over 300,000 today as the continual large increases in federal spending is fueling wealth creation in the Washington, DC surrounding areas.

2) Fairfax County, Virginia - $106,785 median household income average

Image Source (CIA Headquarters in Fairfax County, Virginia)

With a median household income of $106,785 Fairfax County in Virginia is not far behind first place Loudoun County. Fairfax County is another Washington, DC suburban area that is capitalizing on the vast increases in government spending that have been accelerating for over a decade. Just over 1 million people live in Fairfax County which is three times the number living in Loudoun County so Fairfax County is much wealthier than Loudoun County overall though people living in both counties have high paying government or government related jobs.

3) Howard County, Maryland - $101,710

Howard County in Maryland is located between Washington, DC and Baltimore and has a median household income of $101,710. Another county that has greatly benefited from the wild spending growth coming out of Washington, DC plus it helps to be near two major metropolitan cities.

4) Hunterdon County, New Jersey - $100,947

Image Source (Old Red Mill in Hunterdon County, NJ)

The 4th highest income county in the United States is Hunterdon County in northwestern New Jersey. Fueled by its proximity to the financial capital of the world in New York City and to the large pharmaceutical companies headquartered or located in the area Hunterdon County also makes the list because there are no real cities or large population centers located in the county. About 120,000 people live in Hunterdon County and they pay the highest property taxes in the United States with a ridiculously high average of $8,000 per home about triple the national average. Pharmaceutical giant Merck is headquartered in Whitehouse Station right off Interstate 78 in Hunterdon County not far from Trump National Golf Course. Merck pays high salaries as do all the drug companies.

5) Somerset County, New Jersey - $100,207

Image Source (Somerset County Courthouse in Somerville, NJ)

Not far behind Hunterdon County is neighboring Somerset County which is just east of Hunterdon County. Somerset County has a median household income of $100,207 for the same reasons as Hunterdon County the proximity to New York and the pharmaceutical presence in the county. Some 320,000 people live in Somerset County including the small city of Somerville and many of those people work high paying jobs on Wall Street or with a drug company.

6) Morris County, New Jersey - $97,565

Image Source (Headquarters Plaza in Morris County, NJ)

Morris County is located just to the north of both Hunterdon and Somerset counties in New Jersey and is the 6th highest income county in the United States. Morris County used to have a ton of Fortune 500 companies located in the county that paid high salary jobs but many of those companies and high paying jobs have left in the last decade and Morris County's population has only increased by about 15,000 people in the last decade to around 490,000. People in New Jersey are fed up with paying the highest property taxes in the nation and are now starting to leave the state for more affordable areas.

7) Douglas County, Colorado - $97,480 

Image Source

Douglas County in Colorado is the first and only county on the list not associated with Washington, DC or New York. With a median household income of $97,480 Douglas county ranks 7th on the list and makes the list because it is located between the two largest cities in Colorado, Denver and Colorado Springs. Some 280,000 people live in Douglas County which is a 60% increase since 2000.

8) Arlington County, Virginia - $96,390 

Image Source (Pentagon City Station in Arlington County, Virginia)

Arlington County is located right across the river from Washington, DC and has a median income of $96,390 and a population of 205,000. Arlington County is the 3rd Virginia County to make the list and all three are suburbs of Washington, DC. Obviously many government jobs and government related jobs pay high salaries.

9) Montgomery County, Maryland - $93,999

Montgomery County in Maryland sits just north of Washington DC and has a median income of $93,999 and a population of 945,000. Montgomery County is the second county in Maryland on the list and 5th county in the Washington DC area to make the list. As long as Uncle Sam keeps spending money like a drunken sailor these Washington, DC suburbs will continue to grow and accumulate wealth at the expense of taxpayers.

10) Nassua County, New York - $93,579 

Image Source

Rounding out the list of highest median income counties in the United States is Nassua County in New York located on Long Island just east of New York City. With a median household income of $93,579 Nassua County is the only county in New York State to make the list but 4th suburb of New York City on the list. Almost 1.4 million people live in Nassua County.

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Comments (5)

Those are great revenues for the United States. Good compilation!

Great summary, Joe.

I am shocked that Douglas County, Colorado is on this list. There are a couple of high-end communities there, but other than that.

Sam, Douglas County surprised me too but many people from NY have been moving to Colorado over the last 20 years.

Kurt Anast

Think you missed Los Alamos County New Mexico

Data: http://www.census.gov/acs/www/Downloads/data_documentation/2009_acs_maps/MedianIncome_r1901.xls [Excel, 401kb]